Goodyear employs various fabric materials which are then formed with the casing to provide both cut and protection. We select our fabrics based upon not only the size of the tire but also the tire’s intended use.

Bead to Bead Cut and Puncture Protection

R:Armor: Goodyear’s lightweight Nylon Race fabric extends from bead to bead.


Under-Tread Breaker Belt

This is a layer of puncture protection located under the tire’s tread cap. Tires utilizing our Shield belts offer excellent puncture protection while their sidewalls remain supple to ensure high performance.

F:Shield – The Force breaker belt gives the tire that extra layer to improve puncture protection while maintaining optimal rolling characteristics.


Sidewall Protection and Support Layer

Running from bead to tread, the material in our :Wall layer offers a variety sidewall protection against tears and punctures. Even with the added layer of protection, supple ride characteristics are retained to ensure optimum performance.

R:Wall – A lightweight fabric layer found on our performance tires.

M:Wall – Durable Mono fabric, found throughout our Mountain range where cut and abrasion resistance is paramount.

A:Wall – A butyl layer located within the casing plies – A:Wall provides additional sidewall support.


Aramid Infused Sub-Tread 

Found on our Transit range of tires, our Shell Protection is available in 1, 3 and 5mm depths. Our proprietary blend of low hysteresis, aramid-infused rubber.

S1:Shell – 1mm layer below the tread.

S3:Shell – 3mm layer below the tread.

S5:Shell – 5mm layer below the tread.


Combined Wall and Shell Protection

Goodyear’s Transit tires are available in our Secure level of protection - a combined sidewall armor and our toughest S5:Shell. This provides a class leading lightweight tire with unsurpassed levels of protection, optimal for ensuring you get from point A to point B no matter the road conditions.