Goodyear Newton mountain bike tire
Goodyear Newton MTF Downhill tire
Goodyear Newton MTR Downhill render
Goodyear Newton MTR Enduro render
Goodyear Newton MTR Trail render

newton mtf


A tire that feels most at home riding up front while smashing turns, holding grip on off-camber sections, finding that last bit of traction on wet roots, dusty rocks & nasty turns. Progressive block layout limits dirt buildup maintaining performance across a wide range of conditions.

Who rides this tire.
Your bike of choice is a Downhill, Enduro or rowdy Trail rig. You eat/sleep loose turns, berms and full-on terrain.

Where does this tire perform best.

Best suited to your front wheel. A broad range of conditions from loose dust to wet loam. Most at home on challenging terrain where high levels of control are required.


Type: Trail, Enduro, Downhill

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