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Bicycle tires made by Goodyear Bike

Render of Goodyear Connector tire


From gravel adventuring to drop-bar dirt mashing.
The Connector is capable of tackling any terrain. A versatile tread pattern featuring tightly-spaced center knobs combined with aggressive side knobs mated to our Tubeless Complete™ construction.

Render of Goodyear County tire


A versatile companion at home on any surface.
The County is your trusty companion to get you anywhere you want to go, with speed and efficiency. Widely spaced side knobs offer confidence on loose terrain while the slick center tread minimizes rolling resistance.


The Eagle High-Performance road tire offers race inspired performance across a wide range of conditions. Featuring top-level technologies, the Eagle road tire is for riders

Render of Goodyear Eagle F1 tubeless complete tire

Eagle F1

Equipped with cutting-edge technology, the Eagle F1 has a single mission of all-round race performance at the highest level.
The Eagle F1, part of the Road UHP (Ultra High-Performance) range is the Ultra High-Performance all-round road race tire. Optimized for outright performance favoring straight line speed and cornering competence – bringing factory performance to your garage.

Eagle F1 R

The Eagle F1 R, part of the Road UHP (Ultra High-Performance) range, developed at the highest levels of cycling sport, is the go-to tire for

Render of Goodyear Eagle F1 SuperSport Tubeless Complete tire

Eagle F1 SuperSport

Lightweight Ultra High-Performance tire for road race, time trial and triathlon competition.
The Eagle F1 SuperSport is our fastest Road Ultra High-Performance tire. Optimizing low rolling resistance with reduced weight, the Eagle F1 SuperSport is the go-to race day tire for Road, Time-Trial, and Triathlon competition.

Eagle F1 SuperSport R

The Eagle F1 SuperSport R is our fastest Road Ultra High-Performance tire. Optimizing low rolling resistance with reduced weight, the Eagle F1 SuperSport R is

Render of Goodyear Sport tire

Eagle Sport

The Eagle Sport features top-level construction, materials and responsiveness. Designed to balance multi-condition grip and robust durability, Eagle Sport delivers great day-in, day-out precision and control at every turn in an economical package.

Goodyear Newton MTR Enduro render

Newton MTF

A tire that feels most at home riding up front while smashing turns, holding grip on off-camber sections, finding that last bit of traction on

Goodyear Newton MTR Enduro render

Newton MTR

Who rides this tire: Your bike of choice is a Downhill, Enduro or trail rig, you eat/sleep loose turns, berms and full-on terrain. Where does

Render of Goodyear Peak Tubeless Complete tire


When it’s time to drop the hammer and crush some climbs, Peak is mountain biking’s speed demon.
A tire that excels in every department, weight, rolling efficiency, durability, traction and ease of use. Just as likely to be seen conquering long alpine climbs as it is taming the inevitable decent that follows.

Render of Goodyear Peak tire

Peak (All-Terrain)

Bred from the DNA of our Peak mountain tire, the peak has jumped the species barrier across to the world of gravel riding.
The hard-hitting member of the Goodyear All-Terrain family.

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