Eagle Sport Riding.jpg

High-Performance Sport level road tire

The all-new Eagle Sport features top-level construction, materials, and responsiveness. Its design balances

multi-condition grip and robust durability.  

Dynamic:Pace Compounding for Grip and Longevity

Balanced Casing for Weight and Durability

Value-Conscious Performance without Compromise

eagle sport

Precision and control in an economical package

The Eagle Sport delivers day-in, day-out sporting performance at every corner. 

eagle sport

High Performance precision and control at every turn in an economical package

Eagle f1

Ultra High-Performance tire for road race, time trial and triathlon.

Engineered to Perform


The Dynamic:Pace compound was developed to improve puncture resistance while maintaining dependable grip and low rolling resistance by utilizing silica and strengthening additives.

60 TPI Casing

Balanced durable and lightweight casing lowers rotating weight and improves acceleration while providing a comfortable ride.

Folding Aramid Bead
Reduces tire weight and eases installation.


60 TPI casing

Folding Aramid bead

Eagle Sport in action

Sizes and Specification

All published weights are ±7%  Specifications subject to change without notice.

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