The Untold Story Of Olly Wilkins

Olly Wilkins sitting in forest

oDub - An Introduction For A Man Who Requires No Introduction!

Goodyear Wingfoot Alliance Athlete Olly Wilkins, or oDub, requires little introduction to anyone in the MTB world. A man who will freely admit has little to no interest in racing or competing on his bike anymore, nevertheless, has become one of the world’s most well-known mountain bikers. Famous for his ability to ride any bicycle with a flamboyant style inspiring all who see him ride to climb aboard the nearest bike and just get shredding. More recently, Olly has entered the world of vlogging and podcasts, taking an old school approach to crafting videos with ‘the dad cam’, Olly basically films days out riding while conveying out loud some of the thoughts that enter the long and winding corridors of his mind! Give it a watch, we promise you’ll be entertained and if nothing else ever so slightly confused!

As much as you think you know about oDub, there is more to his back story than the usual ‘I always wanted to be a professional mountain biker’, for example did you know Olly’s first love and aspiration was Basketball, and he used to live in Brussels!

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Olly Wilkins Goodyear Athlete
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