Human Powered Health At The Tour De France Femmes 2022

Human Powered Health womens team at the tour de france

Human Powered Health - The Tour De France Women's Edition Returns After 33 Years!

Women’s bicycle racing and the Tour De France had not gone hand in hand for an entire 33 years, until 2022 that is! 2022 saw the return of the all-women’s edition of the race, in the form of the inaugural Tour De France Femmes, which took place in July and saw the field race over eight stages and cover 1033.6km. Heading Eastwards from the starting stage in Paris with a gruelling summit finish conclusion in the Vosges Mountains.

The team ran an exclusively Tubeless rolling stock setup, with the full Goodyear product line at their disposal and the cutting-edge technology that comes with running Goodyear Ultra High-Performance models. The Eagle F1 was the team’s main weapon of choice due to its all-round race performance. With the Eagle F1 SuperSport to hand for all out speed, and Vector 4Seasons in case of uncertain conditions.

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The story of Human Powered Health at the (long awaited) return of the Tour De France Women’s edition is issue #2 of the Goodyear Bicycle Tires Ezine, a free periodical publication available for exclusive early download when subscribed to the Goodyear Bicycle Tires newsletter.

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Womens tour de france rider on Goodyear Eagle F1 bicycle tires
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