2 new tires, 2 environments and a few cameras

Drone flying over cyclist

Behind the scenes with the new Eagle F1 & the new Transit Tour.

Building upon the expanded range of Goodyear road tires, the Eagle F1 is the most recent addition to our arsenal of options for today’s road racer. Part of the Road UHP (Ultra High-Performance) range, the Eagle F1 does what it says, with a tread cap optimized for outright performance favoring straight line speed and cornering competence – bringing factory performance to your garage. This formula has been fine-tuned considering the demands of a variety of situations and conditions, producing a focused range of tires evolved to compete at the highest level.

Black&White photo of Goodyear Transit Tour tire

The new Eagle F1 range comes 2 in flavors: The Eagle F1 (faster) and the Eagle F1 SuperSport (fastest).

The Eagle F1 is your go-to tire when you are looking for speed and cornering performance across a variety of road surfaces, leaning towards drier conditions. The proprietary Dynamic:GSR compound, however, still offers high levels of grip in damp conditions, to give you confidence carrying speed into those hairpins and sweeping turns.

Goodyear Eagle F1 bicycle tire & an Audi S6

The Eagle F1 SuperSport is your stripped back race model, think of it as your track edition performance sports car, a focus of outright speed in the competitive environment. A slimmed down breaker belt (on tube options) and less material in the tread reduces the rotating mass to a minimum.

Swap in the SuperSport when your competition is the clock.

Commutor cyclist riding Goodyear Transit Tour tire

The transit range is designed to cope in the toughest environment of all, the urban jungle, to get you through the city, and still be a fast and reliable when you escape the glass and concrete for the canal path and gravel track.

Commutor cyclist riding under bridge

The Transit Tour takes inspiration from the Goodyear’s Assurance All-Season radial automotive tire.

Where dependability is everything when getting from A to B, day-in and day-out. Tread and sidewall puncture protection brings peace of mind, with a compound and tread pattern optimized for durability, reliability, and safety.

The urban environment comes with it’s own additional dangers, so the Transit range has reflective sidewall strips for enhanced night visibility.

Photo filming for bike tire photoshoot

The Video Shoot

Our mission for the day is to capture these 2 very different tires in ther respective natural enviroments.

We are going to take the Eagle F1 up into the Peak District in the Mid-West of England, and for the Transit Tour we will venture back into the tough and challenging environment of the surrounding urban areas, where we will swap smooth tarmac and sweeping bends for broken glass and every rough and uneven surface you can think of.

We are shooting on a few different cameras, from a Sony Pxw-Fs5 4k mounted on a custom vehicle rig, to Nikon D850 full frame SLRs.

Audi S6 film rig

Transit Tour

We have the Secure version of the Transit Tour, in 27.5×2.0 fitted to our commuter bike for shooting around the city. The Transit Tour tread is formulated with all round ability and durability top of mind.

The Transit Tour Secure we are running today is the most robust version of this urban tire. A 5mm aramid infused sub-tread layer sits just below the surface providing extreme levels of puncture protection. The Tour comes in 2 variants, both with infused puncture protection, the S3:Shell version has a 3mm sub-tread offering layer, offering high levels of protection in a lighter weight carcass than the Secure.

Mono photo of Goodyear Transit Tour bike tire

Eagle F1

After dodging traffic and negotiating one-way systems within the city, we headed out and up into the Peak District of Midwest England for the open roads and swooping bends (and minimal traffic).

Born from our racing heritage, the Goodyear name first appeared on a bicycle tire in 1898. Since then, Goodyear and the legendary Wingfoot logo have been prominent in the winner’s circle across an entire spectrum of motorsports at the highest level. The world-famous Eagle F1 has now jumped the species barrier and made its way across to the world of road cycling.

On our bike today we are running the TT (tube type) variant of the Eagle F1, with a 25mm width in black sidewall (also available in Tan wall). Open tarmac is where Eagle F1 belongs and there are 4 models in the range depending on your requirements.

Cyclist riding up hill with drone following

On the stills camera we are shooting mostly on wide angle to mid-telephoto lenses, between 24 & 85mm. Wide-angle lenses, although more difficult to produce pleasing results, are all about telling a story.

Cyclist riding towards camera

The size of the tire we are running today is the 700×25, which weighs in at just 210g and rated to 120psi.

The Eagle F1 is available in width options from 23mm to 32mm. The Eagle F1 SuperSport is available in 23mm to 28mm. The lightest option to choose from is the SuperSport, Tube Type version, in 23mm, tipping the scales at just 180g.

Cyclist riding up hill while being filmed

Forward Facing Fitment, on both variants, means a tire designed for use with modern, wider width of rim. Using a wider tire designed specifically for use with wider rims means the tire casing retains its shape, and the tread and cap remain in position which adds to the comfort and speed.

Photo of bike tire phootshoot

Indeed, cycling, among other things, is about the story within the journey, and that day we captured a small window into the essence of that feeling.

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The range of Goodyear road bicycle tires have been carfully designed to cover all conditions and situations. Choose a model from the range carefully considering your intended usage.

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Rolling Speed 95%
Vector 4Seasons
Rolling Speed 80%
Vector Sport
Rolling Speed 75%
Eagle F1 R
Rolling Speed 85%
Rolling Speed 75%
Eagle Sport
Rolling Speed 70%
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